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Due to the closure of schools caused by the pandemic, schools have come up with their own initiative to combat the disruption of education. Not only that, they even thought of ways to help the frontliners and do their part as a community. This shows so much on how our teachers and students were able to cope with the circumstances.

SMK Pengkalan berangan

SMK Pengkalan Berangan teachers have formed various alternative learning method for a distance learning included drive-thru system.


Students were asked to pick up their notes and materials at a designated place at designated times for safety purposes. It allows students without an access to e-learning to not missed the fun.


SMK Bongawan II teachers and ‘Anggota Kumpulan Pelaksana’ from that school have been busy assisting those in need during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period in Malaysia.


With the school temporarily closed in compliance with the MCO, the school’s decided to channel funds that they helped gather to benefit those in need of food and necessities during this difficult period. The school’s Principal was very proud of the effort that the school has made. For her, to help those in need is not just charity, it is humanity in the highest form and enkindle good values for the future generations.


St John’s club from SMK Sungai Maong continue to do their part in aiding hospitals and frontliners in their fight against the pandemic. Their efforts were seen when the club students produce and donate face shields and hand gloves to Covid-19 healthcare frontliners for their use in combating the deadly disease. The face shields created are from good grade materials that can withstand heat and can be reused after sanitization. The school is proud to have its students engaged in the production of these protective face shields for the hospital healthcare workers in response to the country’s effort against the Covid-19 pandemic.


Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Bayu adopted the alternative learning method during the Movement Control Order (MCO) as an initiative to ensure their students would not fall too far behind.


This included various platforms such as Google Classroom, Whatsapp and ZOOM.  For these schools, both learnings and teachings are using these two applications twice a week, involving primary 4 students.