Trust Schools are public schools that are jointly managed by Yayasan AMIR and school principals, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education (MOE).The schools are empowered by the MOE to effect change within their communities. Principals run the day-to-day operations, with help and guidance from Yayasan AMIR along the way.

how are we different?

One of the standout changes suggested in the Blueprint is allowing schools to take responsibility for making decisions such as how their budget is spent and how the syllabus is taught. Under Yayasan AMIR Trust Schools Programme (YATSP), school leaders take charge of:




Yayasan AMIR and the MOE engage with school principals to determine alignment in vision and interest in the programme.



Yayasan AMIR conducts public dialogue sessions with the rest of the school’s community including teachers, parents and students to better gauge

the response on the ground.

School selection is based on several criteria such as 

Additional factors such as schools with the greater transformational potential, a combination of rural and urban areas, high and low-performing schools and also a balanced social equity.

To transform the learning experience to be more student centric, Trust Schools are entrusted to Yayasan AMIR

 for a period of five (5) years.