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The Trust Schools Programme (TSP) is a comprehensive and sustainable school transformation programme aimed at improving student outcomes and revitalising school culture. This is achieved through addressing four strategic goals focusing on school leadership, teachers, students, parents and the community. The Programme’s main driver is Yayasan AMIR; a Not-for-Profit organisation which collaborates with the Ministry of Education Malaysia through a Public-Private-Partnership. By empowering school communities (school leaders, teachers, students and parents), the TSP hopes to develop holistic students with 21st century competencies and schools that embed sustainable education practices.


Project DTP-AMAN is an initiative that attempts to implement whole-state education transformation in Kedah. Project DTP-AMAN aims to implement transformation at the system-level by impacting all three components of the state education system: the JPN, the PPDs and the Schools...

ground-up school transformation

The GUSTO (Ground Up School Transformation) was designed based on a developmental need. It was designed also on an existing platform of the Trust School Programme (TSP). Yayasan AMIR has taken the lead to initiate GUSTO based on several discussions and work planning –YA then decided to embark on this programme and invited LE to be an education partner and TFM as a working partner for the Aluminis and TFM strategic value for teachers at the end of their two years programme. •YA together with TFM visited schools in Penang and Perak and strategically met and presented to both JPNs in Penang and Perak to form a State Led initiative and collaboration. This was done with YA also ensuring that Ministry of Education (MoE) at the Federal level, particularly BPSH were kept in the loop...

Yayasan AMIR (919856-X)

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